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Target Prendergast Uncovered

Ian Welch Updated
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Target Prendergast Uncovered

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Target Prendergast Uncovered
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
Target Prendergast Uncovered

Book Description

Brad Prendergast lives in Malibu, California. His life revolves around obtaining part time work to support his passion for surfing , parties and girls. 'A beach bum' says his dad. So why do the CIA and MI6 want to talk?
Carrick Fitzgerald, ex IRA and recently released from prison lives in Belfast, Ireland. He rejects the recent peace accord, he has dedicated his life to driving the hated British from Irish soil and reunifying the country.
Two men living on opposite sides of the world with absolutely nothing in common. This is about to change, their lives are on a collision course with deadly serious consequences.
Target plucks the worlds most unlikely undercover agent from a surf beach and thrusts him into the murky world of terrorism and assasinations. Take a burgeoning romance, a subplot of intimidation and assasination for personal reasons coexisting with the underlying plot to commit a horrific terrorist act on the scale of nine eleven.

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