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The Carthage Connection

Kenneth Joel Teicher Updated
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The Carthage Connection

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The Carthage Connection
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The Carthage Connection

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THE CARTHAGE CONNECTION - The silt-filled seaport of ancient Ephesus is the setting for this second book in the Erin and Craig series. The ancient boat they are excavating may contain scrolls rescued from the great library at Alexandria. They team up in their search with Mossad operative Rebecca Schuler, who is tracking the mysterious Cult of Tanit. The Cult, which traces its roots back to the founding of Carthage, is also after the scrolls. Cult members believe their ancestors rescued invaluable artifacts when the library was burned in 48 BC. While the Mossad believes the Cult wants the scrolls to fund terrorist actions in Israel. When a group of renegade Cult members begin a series of attacks to stop the dig, Erin and Craig intensify their efforts to find the scrolls before anyone is killed. But time is running out...

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