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The Devastation: America Crumbles

Randy Lindsay Updated
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The Devastation: America Crumbles

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The Devastation: America Crumbles
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
The Devastation: America Crumbles

Book Description

Sergeant Robert Williams returns from the raging war in Europe still reeling from the wounds he received in Italy. He’s assigned to active duty in Georgia, just a day before the United States is invaded on three fronts. The American troops suffer staggering losses. To make matters worse, a wave of desertions leaves the remaining U.S. military forces short of resources and in a desperate fight to defend the country.

While Robert battles the Russian forces on the East Coast, his girlfriend Sierra faces the brutal occupation of California by the Chinese Army. For the citizens of Los Angeles this is a war of survival as they struggle to feed themselves and stay clear of the violent struggles to control the city.

In addition to the Russian, Chinese, and South American Coalition armies, U.S. President Calvin McCord faces a fourth and even more destructive force—the American political system. Political infighting threatens to rip the country apart from within, placing the president in a desperate battle to lead the tattered remnants of the United States through an era of devastation.

Set in the near-future, The Devastation: America Crumbles follows the lives of an ordinary family during the anarchy of the apocalypse.

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