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Mine to Avenge

Nathan Birr Updated
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Mine to Avenge

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Mine to Avenge
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Mine to Avenge

Book Description

For two years, P.I. Jackson Douglas has been a shell of himself, scarred by the death of his family. Now, new info surfaces that may give him answers about the day that turned his life upside down. More than that, he may finally have a chance to bring to justice the man who caused his pain.

As he relentlessly and obsessively pursues the truth, Jackson flashes back to his start as a private investigator and to his first client, a cute young woman looking for her missing brother. Jackson’s efforts uncovered a sinister case of fraud and murder, and became inexorably linked to his family’s death.

They aren’t the only ties to the past that prove relevant in his current quest, either . . .

The closer Jackson gets to obtaining justice, the more he finds himself drawn toward revenge. Vowing not to quit until he catches his quarry, he risks destroying himself in the process. Only one thing can stop him from taking vengeance into his own hands, and it’s the one thing he’ll never see coming.

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