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Finding Devo

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Finding Devo

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Finding Devo
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Finding Devo

Book Description

The captivating journey of a man unjustly persecuted and pursued amidst the destruction of paradise in a foreign land. The injustice shall be avenged, but he will have to's the only way to save his life.

Itinerant American journalist Russell Martell returns to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to recover from a personal tragedy only to find himself at the epicenter of a devastating catastrophe... A freak accident or terror attack? Federales, police, and Mexican intelligence (CISEN) have reached a verdict, and Russell Martell, "El Gringo Terrorista", is in their crosshairs.

FINDING DEVO begins with police searching for answers to an inexplicable murder at Marina Vallarta that occurred at around the same time as a botched police and federale raid. the investigation becomes mired in a cover-up and corruption--business as usual. Partying goes on as usual in Vallarta as well. At an animated fiesta, Russell meets a beguiling, balletic beauty--Brenda. Her past and future are intertwined with his more than he can imagine. An enigmatic figure also attracts his attention, a man Russell is curious to meet, given his infamy: Devo

As FINDING DEVO wends its way through deadly plot twists and duplicitous political power struggles, Russell has no choice but to place his life in Devo's hands, a man he fears may have engineered his fate before they ever met.

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