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Little Jamaica

Von Mozar Updated
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Little Jamaica

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Little Jamaica
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Little Jamaica

Book Description

Whether it is Kingston Jamaica or Brixton London, crime is prevalent, Von Mozar's urban, street lit, masterpiece, Little Jamaica ponders the question; why?

Based on true-life events of black British history, Little Jamaica fleetingly brings the reader on a vivid journey as it reveals the bitter race battles on the streets of Brixton, London.

Little Jamaica depicts the blood-filled conflict between the black community and racists-whites that lasted for over three decades.
After black people won the racist war, new battles erupted, sadly between black British and the Jamaican Yardies, then shockingly between an Islamic inspired criminal gang and every other non-Muslim criminal, fighting for total control.

This deadly combination of intrigue and mayhem explodes onto the streets of Brixton bringing bloodshed and mourning, once again, for many families in England and Jamaica.

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