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Mr Bling

Von Mozar Updated
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Mr Bling

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Mr Bling
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Mr Bling

Book Description

Mr Bling is dreaming of riches, however, trapped in the urban streets of London will he discover what the root of money is?

An authentic London City story that narrates the slippery, risky, destructive lifestyle of Leebert Lewin, who out of the need to keep up with his peers, puts himself into debt to buy expensive clothes, a fast car and nights out with pretty women.

When he can no longer borrow, he scams his way into the club promotion business, but coming short on his promises, he ends up owing thousands to gangsters.

Running out of time, Leebert Lewin has to somehow find the money he owes or the secret to generating instant riches to pay back the gangsters and stop them from breaking every bone in his body.

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