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Distorted Mirrors

Carey  Anderson Updated
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Distorted Mirrors

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Distorted Mirrors
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Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)

Book Description

This is the background story of two of our main characters in Volume I of The Wallace Family Affairs, Tracy and Steve. In this story you can see a lot of their back and forth drama before the WFA story came about. This story begins at Tracy's high school graduation when Tracy had a very idealistic view of her future; and it ends just before she meets Andrew Wallace.
This is Steve's side of the story. Steve tries very hard to hide what he feels about everyone and everything. For years Steve has been in love with Tracy, but he has always felt that she was lacking something. Not satisfied with their relationship Steve always went out looking for someone to fill the void. That's when he meets Toya, a beautiful young woman who convinces him that they are in love; but something doesn't feel right. When he realizes he's in love with Tracy and wants to be with her it's too late. She shuts him out for good. Steve's life spirals out of control, and his only hold on his sanity is that one-day Tracy will come back to him like she always has.

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