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I Knew You When

Carey  Anderson Updated
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I Knew You When

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Full Title
I Knew You When ~ Beyond The Wallace's
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  • eBook
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
I Knew You When

Book Description

I Knew You When is a story about R. Novian Murphy and Torrie Rowe. They know that they individually have what it takes to become Stars. They knew each other when times were simpler. Neither one of them seem to understand what's lacking in the rest of their lives that leaves them with that overwhelming aching feeling.
Novian grew up with a mother he didn't care to understand or appreciate, even though the world tried to tell him that there was more to her than what he gave her credit for. He wanted to live his dream of one day making it big, but he failed to realize that fame comes at a cost.
Torrie always wants what she can't have, Love and a good man living at the top of her list. Torrie's world although big has always been so small. Fame comes at a cost, but she paid the bill for her fame as well as Novian's.

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