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Preacher: The Haskins Brothers

Sara Allen-Bouda Updated
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Preacher: The Haskins Brothers

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Preacher: The Haskins Brothers
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Preacher: The Haskins Brothers

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Paul 'Preacher' Haskins was anything but the mild mannered choir boy his name implied. He was always the protector, the nurturer, and the big brother looking out for his sibling; his brother from another mother, who fell into his hands. He’s a bad boy with no regrets. Paul didn’t need redemption; he needed ammunition, some cash and as little hassle as possible. He never thought to mend his ways, until a chance meeting had him questioning his lifestyle choices and affiliations. But when an unscrupulous upstart crawls out of the woodwork, he’s forced to choose between the two people he loves the most, simply because he can’t protect them both. He knows where she is; the world isn’t big enough to hide the one he loved and left behind. He’ll find her, and he hopes that she doesn’t break his face when he does.

Penelope 'Penny" Calvanera never realized that there was more in life that her goals, until she fell over a wolf-in-sheeps-clothing. Hooked on the heady mixture of Paul Haskins, she’s oblivious to his darker side. When she’s abandoned at the worst possible time, she moves on with her life, until what she’d learnt to live without comes crashing back, turning her world upside down, again! But he does not come alone. He’s brought his business with him and all hell is guaranteed to break loose. He hasn’t committed a crime - yet. But his past won’t be satisfied until it has him where it wants him. They Paul and Penny need to get their act together because trouble awaits that will affect them and the one’s they love.

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