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Mystical Xmas

Jami M Brumfield Updated
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Mystical Xmas

Book information

Full Title
Mystical Xmas: Paranormal Romance Anthology Box Set 1 (Mystical Box Set Babes)
Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

Amazon – Descriptions 10.26.14
These great short Christmas stories by The Mystical Box Set Babes is a Paranormal Romance Anthology. This group of amazing talented authors want to give their readers a Christmas gift.
Mystical Lovers Xmas The Crowned Wolff and his Empress have invited their teams to celebrate Christmas at the Wolff Dynasty Estate. Tequila 10 and Razer 8 Elite operatives attend with their mates and young. This Christmas, there’s a special gift for more than one of the elite operatives.
A Wolf’s Christmas Gift Megan Chambers hated the Holiday's. She had expertly closed herself off for so long that they were just something to dread. Megan had no idea that when she walked home that evening, her life was about to change. He wasn't prepared for what hits him when this woman stumbles into his life. When everything you've ever known is called into question - can you find the strength to let down your walls and let love in?
Cherished Gift Clara Jameson never suspected her world was going to be turned upside down when she went to work that day. She never thought a woman on suicide watch would lead her down a dangerous rabbit hole into a wolf’s den. There was no way she could’ve known that paranormal forces were at work in her new client’s life; terrorizing her sleep, haunting her soul, and destroying her will to live. Of course not, she didn’t believe in that sort of thing. But she did believe in the power of regression, and was open to the possibility that a past life was impacting Jenna Davis’s current life. What happens next will shake her core beliefs, and open her eyes to a world that very few are privy to. A world where monsters really do go “bump in the night”
A Christmas Mating Tace is a country boy, born and raised. His family has been lone wolves in the heart of Montana for centuries. He is starting to feel a bit lonely during the holidays until he meets Adara. Adara is a city gal. She loves malls and shopping, but takes the opportunity of a lifetime and it fails. Now she is living in a small country town with a man she is slowly falling for.
A SHIFTER CHRISTMAS A horse and hawk shifter, is a widower living a life as a recluse. Little did she know she was almost made a meal by a hungry lion shifter! While attempting to hunt a tasty meal, he is knocked to his butt both literally and figuratively when the bay-colored horse turns out to be a beautiful woman shifter! If the lonely widow gives her heart to Jaxson, can she be sure he'll stay?
Savannah's Christmas Miracle Savannah always knew she was different. She knew things she shouldn't be able to know. She felt danger, whenever THEY were around. Richard had fought many battles by her side. But only in her dreams. Now he has come into her world. To protect her. To save her from the danger that now threatens her. Can they succeed in this battle? Will the growing bond between them help them to survive, to return to the life they want to build together?
Night Of The Blizzard Love never promises rainbows and sunshine. Storms come, you must deal with good and bad, the happy and the sad. Samantha fell madly truly and deeply in love with Domonique. No one could had warned her for what lied ahead. Can she love a man she should fear? Will Domonique’s secrets tear them apart?
Moonlit Nights
Jerrell and his crew find themselves stranded in an unfamiliar galaxy, unable to return home or call for help. Landing on a primitive planet isn’t on Jerrell’s top ten list of things to do, but it is the only option. With the help of the ship’s beautiful doctor, he must find a way to survive while dealing with the growing attraction between them and the impending birth of a forbidden child. Jerrell and Senia are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their people alive, but can they find a way to make a home in this new world where all the rules are thrown out in the name of survival?

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