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A Fatal Grouping

Charles A. Turek Updated
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A Fatal Grouping

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A Fatal Grouping
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

Flaws come with private detectives like mustard and onions come with Chicago hot dogs. Charlie Komensky’s flaws don’t just get in the way, they seem to multiply like roaches in a Chicago tenement. He starts this series with only two. First, he can’t resist anything to do with trains. You know; the big ones that can kill you if you stand in front of them, get under them, or crawl into the wrong space inside them. Second, he is head over heels in love with Linda Chelwood. She’s out of his league, and both of them know it. Though she can give as good as she gets, she is and will be a source of trouble for Charlie as the series progresses. Charlie’s hubris and his inability to manage his own finances might be considered minor flaws, but Charlie ignores them to focus on detecting, on solving, and on catching the bad guy. Charlie is just as at home in a small Iowa town (The Flat Tire Murders) and a Western backwater (The Steam Locomotive Murders), as he is on the gritty streets of Chicago (Murder U.A.V. and short stories). With a stable of informants, mob acquaintances, political contacts, and women who just can’t leave him alone, Charlie always has his suspect in his sights and his hands occupied. Will the hard-driving, relentless detective be brought down as a fatal flaw emerges that could end his career? The answers and more thrills and adventure than Charlie can handle can be found in this comprehensive Charlie Komensky collection.

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