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Robo Divine

Courtland Shakespeare Updated
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Robo Divine

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Robo Divine
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Will Silver Hastings (nom de plume)
Robo Divine

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The vast southern Indian Ocean is the unknown frontier from which no traveller returns and that makes it the perfect place to hide an invisible island of super sophisticated robots secretly developing artificial intelligence to rule the world. Don't worry about the humans. They'll probably help. That's one story. There are 20 more tall tales in the anthology. When the Goddess of Volcano Valley meets a recently liberated demon from Hell, they tear the place up with nightmares of domination. That's another two stories. Then a pair of brilliant scientists create the ultimate, world-changing battery, but it threatens to undermine the global economy and devastate dozens of industries if they don't get to share it. Descendants of a pirate ship's crew are terrified by a ghost who is murdering members of their families and leaving Spanish doubloons to let them know who is responsible. Autonomous, self-driving car thieves are taken by surprise when someone else takes over control of their stolen vehicle, with them in it. They become terrified captives who can't escape. A murder takes place on the playing field in front of an audience of millions, but the perpetrator has the perfect alibi and can prove he wasn't even there. A hospital turns into a luxury resort when patients find out they can't die. A human who can't keep a job disguises himself as a robot just to survive. The Robo Divine anthology promises to foretell some of the darker sides of tomorrow.

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