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Shattered Time anthology

Joe Pranaitis Updated
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Shattered Time anthology

Book information

Full Title
Shattered Time anthology
Most Recent Publication Date
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Other Contributors
Carissa Ann Lynch, J. L. Clayton, Niki Livingston, Regina O'Connel, Ashlee Shades, Bradon Nave, Jeremy Simons, D. A. Roach, Genevieve Moultrie

Book Description

"Through The Lines of Time and Desire"
If someone sent you a text saying they're from the future, would you believe them? Londyn doesn't know if this stranger with a charming personality is just pulling her leg or telling the truth, but what she does know is that it's too much fun not to play along. With her heart now on the line and dark secrets looming, will she make the right decision or will she let the love of her life disappear into time? A romantic tale of love, time, and tragedy.
By J.L. Clayton.
By, Carissa Ann Lynch TBA
"A Web Through Time"
Meet Alex. Ordinary. Quiet. And she plays by the rules. However, her entire life shifts in an instant, when a blue-eyed man walks into her place of work and discloses a ludicrous story to explain the mystery of her forgotten past. Despite her resistance and demands to be left alone, she’s forced into a world where her past becomes her future and the governments of Earth are searching for her execution. Will she embrace her true nature or succumb to the threats of her parent’s enemies? The tumble through the webs of time has just begun.
By, Niki Livingston Walker
"Willow and The Forbidden Portal"
Willow, a simple Herb Woman, flees for her life after a child under her care loses his life.
Accused of witchery, she knows the only way to save her life is to find The Forbidden Portal and escape through time.
By, Regina Oconnell
"Cassandra's Choice"
One moment, Cassandra is driving along in her car to visit her sister and newly-born niece; the next, she is waking up in the bed of an angry 19th-century Duke. What begins as a battle of wills to allow her safe return home, soon turns into a struggle of emotions as Casssandra finds herself falling in love with Duke. Will she make it back or will she choose to stay with the man she has come to love?
By, Ashlee Shades
By, Bradon Nave TBA
"Bridging the Gap"
Garrett Carroll just wants it all to be over with. But when an unorthodox suicide attempt goes awry, he discovers a newfound love for the life he had been ready to leave behind.
​A dismantled bridge. A portal into an era time had forgotten. It was all he needed to realize changing the past was the only way to better the future. But at what price?
​It isn’t until Garrett sees his ways—killing, stealing, lying, and cheating—are destroying the future rather than bettering it that he comes to his senses. But will it be too late?
By, Jeremy Simons
"Time’s Launch"
The year is 2363, and the Earth Confederation launched their first time-ship the ECS Andrea commanded by Captain Joseph Dyson who is ordered to take the ship ten minutes into the future but the experimental engines throw the ship ten thousand years into the future. Once in 12,363 the Andrea picks up a signal from the Alpha Centauri colony and go and investigate but what they find there will surprise them.
By, Joe Pranaitis
"The Salesman"
Melanie was stuck in the tragedy that changed the course of her family's future. Consumed by guilt, she struggled to sleep, to feel, and more importantly to forgive herself and move forward. U
By,D.A. Roach
"One Cockroach Left"
A tale of dinosaurs, aliens, time travel, and a really bad day . . . sixty-six million years ago.
By, Genevieve Moultrie
How many times would you die for love?
Once, twice...Eternity?
Vida Morton doesn't believe in love. She's spent most of her life helping others, but love has never been on her radar. Until the day she meets Mort Vidal, and everything she knows is thrown out the window.
Love at first sight?
Whatever it may be, when tragedy strikes, Vida is given the choice to go back to the very moment she first met Mort in order to save his life, all in the name of love. But love is a tricky game, and so is time.
So faced with the same tragedy over and over again, both Vida and Mort will soon discover whether time shatters or strengthens love, especially in the face of death.
By, Grace Charles
By, T. Guthrie TBA

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shattered time

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