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The Man in Grey

Colin Lee Campbell Updated
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The Man in Grey

Book information

Full Title
Deadbeat: The Man in Grey
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Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

Everything about Nathaniel Gideon is grey, from his conscience to his costume. Known on the streets of Cape City as Deadbeat, he’s existed for nearly two centuries, always walking the murky line between black and white, superhero and supervillain.

Seven sordid stories chronicle the life of an eternal ne’er-do-well in a distorted blend of lightheartedness and dark grittiness. The journey begins with Supercreep, a present-day introduction to Deadbeat, sick of immortality, and is bookended with Prisoner, where he’s finally forced to either change his unsavory ways or forever be the man in grey.

In the middle is everything else: deserting the Confederacy, fighting undead in the Wild West, rum-running for the Mafia, dining with a dysfunctional superhero team in the eighties, and more. Additionally, included exclusively in this collection is the new novelette, Patsy, set in the turbulent late sixties of Nixon and ‘Nam.

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