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Renewal of Faith

K.C. Sprayberry Updated
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Renewal of Faith

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Full Title
Renewal of Faith, Vol. 1
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Rated G (all ages)
Other Contributors
April Erwin
Eden S. Clark
Donna Patton
E.B. Sullivan
J.E. & Carla Holling and Jeannie Anderson
Leah Hamrick
Renewal of Faith

Book Description

Old friends… New danger

Pioneer Easter, new beginnings

A Heaven sent smile to believe

Bereft of faith Anton returns home

The Story of Faith and Courage

Some things can be changed

Will Melinda discover her inner strength?

Faith tested and renewed in many different ways. An abandoned child; two people must trust all will turn out right. A family moving west following bigotry. Hope lost; a yearning to believe. A return home to discover faith. Faith and renewal versus loss and grief. Her rocky path leads her home. A teen struggles for answers.

April Erwin, Eden S. Clark, Donna Patton, E.B. Sullivan, J.E. & Carla Holling and Jeannie Anderson, Leah Hamrick, and K.C. Sprayberry present stories of strength and hope, of struggle and desolation, of returning to what has always sustained them.

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Renewal of Faith Vol 1

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