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Encounters Tales Recounted and Reborn

Cyn J Ley Updated
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Encounters Tales Recounted and Reborn

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Encounters Tales Recounted and Reborn
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Encounters Tales Recounted and Reborn

Book Description

These are the best of the tales published between 2014-2016, some as originally written, some expanded and reimangined, from bestselling author Cyn Ley. Humor, introspection, coming of age, the paranormal and social satire grace these pages in tales of wonder...and sometimes, terror.

A new home with a great location. Or, is it? (Benefits)
Wildlife documentarions in search of a large project which may be very small. (Food Chain)
What if the Seven Deadly Sins walked into a bar and nobody noticed? (The Logo Men)
All the days are the same now, because of one stupid date. (Rinse, Repeat)
Sometimes life is as transformative, and as simple, as a holiday gingerbread cookie. (Perfect)
It's time for the millennial alien visitation! What could possibly go wrong? (The Tin Foil Hat Society)

...and other tales of encounters of the various kind.

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