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A Lover's Garden

Josh Robert Nay Updated
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A Lover's Garden
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A Lover's Garden

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Love. It's a complicated emotion. An often misunderstood emotion. Love digs trenches in the soul far deeper and far more complex than any other emotion. The resulting garden growing from these trenches has seemingly magical capabilities, transforming and influencing everything in its wake. Losing this feeling can be equally transformational and influential.Poet Josh Robert Nay tries his hand at explaining and describing the enveloping phenomenon of love and loss in this collection, the second book in his Seeds of the Future series. Each poem echoes of a feeling that stands in the corridors of the heart, waiting for the right time to rise up and take hold. Once true love makes itself known to the world, the bearer of that feeling is never the same again.Love. Loss. These are the seeds of our personal growth, and a lover's garden would never be complete without them.

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