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The Kikkoman Chronicles

Ronald E; Yates Updated
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The Kikkoman Chronicles

Book information

Full Title
The Kikkoman Chronicles: A Global Company with a Japanese Soul
Rated for Readers
Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)
The Kikkoman Chronicles

Book Description

The Compelling Saga of One of the World's Oldest Companies. Combining ancient craftsmanship with modern technology and marketing innovations, Japan's Kikkoman Corporation has quietly become a $2 billion market leader. The Kikkoman Chronicles is the fascinating story of how Kikkoman changed the course of international marketing, shrewdly adapting to 20th century realities while never truning their backs on centuries of tradition; how one man envisioned the future of global enterprise, spearheading the first Japanese manufacturing plant of any kind on U.S. soil; and how generations of Mogi family leadership have produced one of today's most formidable global competitors. More than an authoritative how-to international business, The Kikkoman Chronicles is the spellbinding story of: Shige Maki, the tough and resourceful woman who narrowly escaped the 17th century siege of Osaka Castle to sow the seeds to today's Kikkoman Corporation. Kikkoman's survival and adaptation across more than 300 hyears of social and political upheaval in Japan. Innovative strategies Kikkoman has followed to become the world leader in the production and marketing of soy sauce - an Asian staple. The Kikkoman Chronicles is a one-of-a-kind corporate biography. By combining anecdotes and stories about Japan's amazing history wth hands-on tips and recommendations for proven international business success, Ronald E. Yates has produced an entertaining book that should become required reading for businesspersons and students throughout the world.

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