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The Fixer

March 20, 2017  
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The Fixer
  • eBook
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
The Fixer

Book Description

The true life story of a son of a concentration camp survivor left to fend for himself using his wit, charm, and guts to survive and prosper as a jockey, trainer, and fixer of horse races all while navigating through an environment populated by gamblers, gangsters, and billionaires.
The Fixer was created from real incidents as described in a series of interviews with Ronny Kleinberg. This story is not fiction, but the names and places have been changed to protect the guilty. The Fixer is a story about the dark side of gambling and horse racing from the tracks of Southern Ontario, Quebec, Detroit, Kentucky, and Florida.

The world of horse racing has the façade of wealthy owners; international high stakes sporting events; and the beauty, elegance, and speed of well-breed beautiful animals. In fact, horse racing is a seedy business, populated by degenerate gamblers, mobsters, and their pawns. The story of The Fixer is about a good guy in a bad situation; it’s a story of survival in a world both corrupt and dangerous.

Find out how horse racing really works; how races are fixed and by whom; what jockeys have to do to meet the weight limits; how to plug-in a horse with a machine; and how dangerous a jockey’s life really is, both on and off the track.

The Fixer is revealing, exciting, humorous, and sad. Discover the truth about horse racing; discover horse racing’s dirty secrets from an insider who literally wrote the book on how to fix a horse race.

Author Biography
Jerry Bader is Senior Partner at a small media production company that specializes in Web video, audio, music, and sound design. He is responsible for developing concepts for clients’ video campaigns, writing the scripts, and managing the production process. Over the years he’s written over a hundred articles on marketing, and he’s self-published three marketing e-books and a couple of free e-magazines. Currently he has turned his attention to writing a number of Neo Noir Hybrid Graphic Novels and story concepts with the goal of turning them into television series or feature films. There are currently ten screenplays in The Method series.

The Method Graphic Novel has been chosen by Blurb to be used has an example of what can be done with cross-platform multimedia book publishing and was featured at Comic-Con. Other current Graphic Novels available are The Comeuppance, The Coffin Corner, and the soon to be released Grist For The Mill.
He also wrote, The Fixer that was published by Rebel Seed Entertainment and has consistently been in the top ten for its category. The Fixer is based on the true-life story of a colorful horse racing character. In addition to The Fixer, Mr. Bader has written Organized Crime Queens, The Secret World of Female Gangsters, and the soon to be released What’s Your Poison? How Cocktails Got Their Names.
Mr. Bader has also written a series of children’s books, ZaZa Books For Kids, that currently includes, Two Dragons Named Shoe, The Town That Didn’t Speak, The Criminal McBride, The Bad Puppeteer, Mr. Bumbershoot, The Umbrella Man, and the upcoming The Ninth Inning.


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The Fixer

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