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Beyond The Painted Smile

Russell C Brennan Updated
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Beyond The Painted Smile

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Beyond The Painted Smile
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Book Description

This is an account of Author and Multi-Platform Artist Russell C. Brennan's childhood and teenage years fighting massive adversity and against all odds becoming a writer and a lot more besides as he his now a successful Multi Platform Artist.
He says he doesn't want it seen as a sob story but more of an inspiration to other as to what can be achieved.
Most people have one abuser to contend with he had at least 4 different ones to deal with leaving him very little room to escape persecution most days and it was the things that he now excels at that he feels saved him, effectively writing and music.

The title refers to the fact that he feels most peoples life's aren't that great and they live behind a painted smile most days and when asked how they are doing the say fine or great and put on a front, when many times the opposite is the case.

These days it's becoming very apparent that many others, especially in their childhood years have lead traumatic lives and do feel life is against them and that's why Russell calls this book 'Beyond the Painted Smile' as you can move on from it and succeed.

Another way to look at this book is, it's effectively chapter one of his autobiography.
When the full biog hits the streets in a few years you will see it makes a fascinating read. He may release another one off chapter at some other point for free at some point But if you liked this free book please support the authors books that are for sale, starting with 'Adventures of a Dark Duke: The Pin' on Paperback or Kindle.

Finally, Russ decided on a bit of artistic license for the books cover as a photographer and sleeve designer he has featured a photo of his current Muse on the cover rather than himself displaying the feel he wanted for the story.

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