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Living Like Livvy

Andre Govier Updated
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Living Like Livvy

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Living Like Livvy
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Maj Chris Hunter (Author of 8 Lives Down and Extreme Risk)
Dr Alison Britland (Paediatrician)
Living Like Livvy

Book Description

Sara Meredith is a mother of 4 beautiful healthy girls. Her third daughter, Livvy was born healthy and developed well until just after twenty months. To Sara’s horror, Livvy developed symptoms like having Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Autism and Parkinson’s disease all rolled into one. If you can picture this, you are close to understanding what she had to endure. She didn’t just have the problems with her joints. She didn’t just have epilepsy. She didn’t just have breathing problems. She didn’t just have feeding issues. She didn’t just have communication issues. She had them all.

This is the amazing story of a little girl with attitude, a mother’s fight to get a correct diagnosis and support. This is about Rett Syndrome which almost exclusively grips girls. This may be the worst illness which you have never heard of and one the entire medical world should know about, but still many know nothing.

Rett Syndrome has been described as, the lights are on, somebody is at home, but they can’t get out. In purchasing this book, you are helping all little girls with Rett Syndrome as the profits will be funding the work underway to find a cure at

This is not a book about disability, it is also about ability. Every child has potential and Sara maximizes the quality of each day of Livvy’s life. Parts of this book are tearfully happy, and some are tearfully funny. Some sections are brutally harrowing. The end, however, is both humbling and inspirational.

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Book Trailer  - Living like Livvy by Andre Govier

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