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One Sip at a Time: a Memoir
Biography & Autobiography June 30, 2018
5 Stars - Moving and Intriguing Story
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Five Stars I enjoyed reading “One Sip at a Time: A Memoir by Rita Grisman with Loralyn Mears which I found to be a very moving and intriguing story about the life of Rita Grisman born on a farm in the Great Depression and who later became an advertising executive of a major corporation in New York City. I also thought this story is an excellent inspirational book for all women seeking ways to cope with and succeed in a male-dominated business. I especially liked this excerpt, “Sandy was a very tough boss and truly demanding. I was the buffer between him and Flora. Despite Sandy’s no-nonsense reputation, we got along quite well, and some co-workers surmised he was taken with me, but I paid little attention to how others viewed me. Men or women. Lust or disgust: whether they lusted after or disgusted by what I wore, said or did, it never crossed my mind to think about what they thought. I came to work to do my job…” In my opinion, the book is presented in a straightforward and very intelligent manner. Yet I found it very entertaining, humorous, exciting and full of insight into the life of a very intelligent and successful woman. I loved the pictures and the way Loralyn Mears organized this wonderful, very educational and inspiring story. Again, I believe not only women will benefit from this book, but men can learn a lot from this story on how intelligent women think in the workplace. Very well done! We posted our review on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and our social media and will try to post it on Amazon. You can use our review any way you wish and thank you for your interest in our site and we wish you great success with your book and your future books! Best to you, Bruce Miller
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