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Biography & Autobiography May 11, 2015
Divine It Is. Simply.
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Author Mark Binmore has come up with something unique, fictional memoirs set in a real world. According to his website this edition features both is books and is aimed especially at the USA market. The first book - Now Is Not The Time For Trumpets - hovers between the past and present, one Stephen Wallingford, once a beautiful bright young thing now a recluse as he relives his life through a new author. A Life Of parties is a complete biography of Agatha Dewsbury, friend of Stephens we first met in his first book and so deserves a book on her own. The books themselves are an easy read, you feel transported back to the art deco era, you experience the parties, the feast, the deconstruction. I met Mark on his book tour last year and it was great to put a face to a name. Simply recommended. 5 stars. 
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June 10, 2015
Just finished reading this book - an excellent well written read of fictional people set between the wars. Trumpets reads as an interview wile Parties reads like a genuine biography. Both different, both excellent. You feel like you are reading a film script and Mark deserves any success these books give. If you are interested in the art deco era, the life of bright young things, the decadence and the rise and fall of a generation this double book edition is for you. I eagerly await his next adventure.
Ram Sweet
June 30, 2015
Too Too Divine. A great simple read about the ups and downs of beautiful bright young people of 1920s/30s England. A nostalgic trip back in time.
Nicole Brooks
2 results - showing 1 - 2