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Biography & Autobiography July 24, 2014
Brilliant - 5 STARS REVIEW
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This book came to me originally by a friend who had seen Mark at book signing in Berlin, Germany. It was as they said "a different kind of book signing", there was music, there were dancers, drinks and the author himself read a few passages from the book. I was intrigued and therefore just ought and completed reading Simply Divine which features this book and A Life Of parties, his second full novel outing (I have done a separate review for that book) . The book is a report/conversation/biography of one Stephen Wallingford written before he died - you go back to his youth, his pastimes, you discover his family, his career, his ups and down, love, death and sadness. It;s all there. How much of it is true the author does not divulge but I would suggest that certain characters Mark Binmore has created are based on real people he knows in life - if not he has a remarkable talent for creating some funny and often grotesque characters. When you read this book you instantly believe this should be turned into a film, you can see beyond the text, imagery comes to mind and that for me is one talent of a writer. It is not surprising that this book was a huge success, selling in thousands and has been give a new lease of life with Simply Divine. I recommend this book to all. 
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