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Body, Mind & Spirit May 11, 2015
Mark Binmore. Complete.
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Reading the liner notes, A Sorta Fairytale brings together the complete short stories and prose by Mark Binmore previously published in his first six books. Again, this is a book aimed at the USA market where his first few books were not given a release. Add in new liner notes, observations, deleted works and comments you get a complete view of his early work. The book kicks off with Even When Tonight Is Over, a collection of short stories allowing the reader to interpret the meaning. The incredible 22 stories look at love, death, water, sensuality and sex. Powerfully, The Ninth Wave and The Final Wave look at voices in the head and dealing with them. Some stories won't suit everybody but as Mark points out, some were composed as a teenager and others when slightly older so he can be forgiven for some luck-sure views. The book ends with a great German quote, Tiefer, tiefer, Irgendwo in der Tiefe, Gibt es ein licht which roughly translates as Deeper, deeper, Somewhere in the depths, there is a light. The Hair Of The Hound is a collection of prose written over many years and for me sets new light on the meaning of prose. Many are indeed personal, "We come out of the storm, to paradise, to love..." and the great thing is that Mark explains what lies behind each piece and how when originally reviewed some were misinterpret by many reviewers. There are other prose collections contained such as two winter books - Hounds Of Winter and the glorious overlooked Ember Asleep and a short look at summer Soon Before The Sun. My favourite though was a collection called Jig Of Life. I bought this when it was published as The J and features some wrenching and soulful stories about love and death but mostly love. You can tell the difference between styles from his first outing to this one and the book is worth it for the short story "The Answer". Mark has hinted that this collection is a farewell to shorts an prose - I hope this isn't the case. His style of writing is beautiful, some pieces you can visualize music (indeed Mark hints that some pieces are set to music) ad it would be a shame to leave this talent behind. I recommend this book to get a glimpse at a new writer who appears to be doing very well on both sides of the pond. Thank you Mark for this book - I love it. Five stars. Recommended. 
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