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The Wish

Elinor Stutz Updated
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The Wish

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The Wish: A 360 Degree Business Development Process that Fuels Sales
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Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)
The Wish

Book Description

The Wish provides essential instruction for developing global recognition. Upon hearing the announcement of social media, Stutz saw the sales cycle now as upside down. Instead of pursuing prospective clients, it is now possible to attract highly qualified clients across the globe from the computer. Her secret wish came true!
Stutz’ journey began as the lone woman on an all-male sales team in an era where females were typically forced to quit. In spite of no one speaking to her, and training not available for her, she became the top producer by the 4th month.

Years later, by embracing social media from the start, announced Stutz to be a Top 1% Influencer, and CEO World Magazine claimed her to be one of the brightest sales minds to follow on Twitter. BizHumm and NowISeeIt claimed her blog to be one of the most innovative sales blogs.

As an entrepreneur, Stutz persevered with self-education. By the end of 12 years, she came to realize that the journey to success is a well defined 360-degree process that combines all of the business strategies as they feed into one another similar to a well-oiled machine that never stops. Social media strategy is positioned in the middle of the program.

Subject matter found in The Wish includes:
• Put sales on a higher plane
• Branding and power branding
• Communication and social media strategy
• Sales crash course
• Friendly Negotiation
• Money matters
• Seeking funding
• Converting the entire effort into sales

The differentiators for this book is that Stutz speaks directly to the reader revealing all of the hardships experienced, and how the understanding of each topic developed. It is a first-hand accounting of her journey with evidence of how they are all related. The personal stories are shared to make the book memorable and fun to read in addition to being highly educational.

You, too, may establish a global clientele by using the strategies revealed in this book. My next wish is for you to gain the information you need to move your business and sales efforts forward.

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