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Helping in the Yard

Kimberla Gamble Updated
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Helping in the Yard

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Full Title
Helping in the Yard
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

A lavish lifestyle. A fight to remain relevant. A man who stands to lose it all.

Jase Montgomery is a successful Hollywood film distribution guru who lives for prestige, power, and money. His wife, Kelsie, sees things differently. She sees their good fortune as a blessing from God and feels they should show gratitude by giving their time to those less fortunate. Overconfident and conceited, Jase attributes his success to works of his own hands. Hands he won’t soil by working at church activities, like feeding the homeless. His main focus is landing a global distribution position in London.

But when his cockiness upsets a high-powered film buying company events are set in motion, which place his career, lifestyle, and marriage in jeopardy. As his life spirals out of control, he gets angry and questions the one he feels is responsible . . . God.

As Jase searches for answers, a mishap occurs which sends him reeling. Faced with a new revelation and a life-changing decision can Jase find the strength he needs to carry on?

Warm, uplifting, and inspiring, Helping in the Yard reveals how benevolence can bring forth unexpected treasures.


Helping in the Yard (A Novel by Kimberla Gamble)

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