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Bleeding Heart

E.Rawls Updated
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Bleeding Heart

Book information

Full Title
Bleeding Heart
Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)
Other Contributors
my mother, Rachel Rawls

Book Description

But, no–that was fantasy.

It was never my destiny.

Fated to walk alone,

To walk onwards into the western sun

To go on this journey of adventures

To fulfill my never-ending calling…
A collection of heartfelt and spiritual poems, short stories and riddles broadening your view on life and dealing in a wide range of topics: faith and hope, the realm of fantasy and imagination, dreams, silliness, and the hardships of life. If you feel like reading something short with a strong message behind it to get you through the day, browse a wide variety of poem titles. If you want funny, the "hump day" poems will make you laugh! If you want to delve into something more, a story that touches your heart and makes you think, there are short stories to peruse. If you want to challenge your mind, the riddles are like a fun puzzle for all ages to enjoy! Everything you need can be found here in this inspiring and thought-provoking collection!

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