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DeEtte Beckstead Anderton Updated
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Victory is the story of a little girl and the town where she lives. The town of Victory is like many small towns, with a history of patriotism, faith, and friendliness. The little girl, Brown Eyes, orphaned when her missionary parents were killed in a fire, lives with her only known relative who does not want the girl. When The Guest comes to town, the people open their hearts and town to him, without knowing who he is or what is motive is. Shortly after his arrival, The Stranger appears, much to the discomfort of The Guest. Slowly, the town loses its freedoms as one of the men takes over little by little.

As the town loses its freedom, the community church burns down, homes of the leaders of the opposition are vandalized, and all Christmas trees and decorations are forbidden under threat of punishment. New regulations are put in place. Schools are taken over and their curriculum is mandated by the Overseer. The people become distrustful of one another, but a new strength begins to grow.

A “Winter Celebration” is held on the 21st of December and everyone in town is required to attend. The bonfire takes on a life of its own, and a demonic cloud of smoke hovers over the crowd and curls and swirls over their heads.

As people try to run in fear, a previously unseen army appears, imprisoning most of the people inside the park where the celebration is. A few escape to a wreck of a house on the outskirts of town.

The Overseer follows them there in secret, and after a struggle, kidnaps Brown Eyes and heads up the side of the snowy mountain where a showdown occurs. The child's life is threatened. The outcome of the struggle determines who has the Victory.

It is a story of faith and patriotism, people working together to rid the town of the evil.

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