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Liar Girl

Andre Govier Updated
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Liar Girl

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Liar Girl
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Liar Girl

Book Description

We all know a person who continuously tells lies. Sometimes to paint a better picture of themselves, sometimes they are simply just trying to please everybody. Steph Dawson is a typical 16 year old schoolgirl trying to do both of these. She often lies without thinking and then has to think about the lies she uses to cover up her own.
This short but humorous story is the first in a series based on a typical 16 year old girl growing up, told in a first person narrative to give the reader an idea of how it feels to be the person telling the lies.

Note from the Author ; The targeted reading age for this books is teenage to young adult. So often teens and young adults are so busy that a 5oo page book is too much to complete when competing with their busy lives and streaming television. We may often download an exciting book but fail to get much past the first chapter or get to the end and think the story could have been told in half the words. Due to this many people forget the pleasant feeling of having achieved getting to the end of a book and anticipation of the next in the series. I have deliberately tried to put plenty into each story, whilst also ensuring that readers both young and old can lose themselves within and complete each story in much shorter time and still get that feeling of achievement.

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Liar Girl author Andre Govier

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