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Timothy Scott: Shadow Island

Tobey Alexander Updated
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Timothy Scott: Shadow Island

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Timothy Scott: Shadow Island
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Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)
Timothy Scott: Shadow Island

Book Description

An enchanting tale of a boy who doesn’t quite fit. Finding solace in his own imagination, Timothy Scott will soon understand he is far more than a quiet boy; he is destined to be a hero.

Timothy’s closest friend is invisible! A voice that nobody else can hear is the one person he trusts above all, even more than his family and siblings. Haunted by the same nightmare night after night, Timothy’s parents seek help for him with the curious yet friendly Dr Ingrid Live. She encourages him embrace his unique perspective, accept the flights of fancy in his imagination and in so doing, Timothy discovers something amazing.

Stood in front of the antique mirror in the hallway, Timothy gets to see his invisible friend. Aleobe, a curious-looking winged-boy offers Timothy the opportunity to travel to his homeland, a world behind the glass of the mirror. Trusting his loveable friend, Timothy crosses to an unknown world of wonder, magic and adventure. But, as with every journey, there is a shadow. This world is no different, as Timothy must learn to believe in himself, not for his own sake but that of his only friend. A captivating and dangerous journey is about to begin.

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