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Unlucky 13

Kristina Ludwig Updated
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Unlucky 13

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Unlucky 13
Rated for Readers
Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)

Book Description

Jordyn’s Quote of the Month: Never try to make a play for the guy of your dreams on Friday the Thirteenth…

Meet Jordyn, a smart, fun-loving, and ever-so-slightly klutzy girl who’s in for the ride of her life! Jordyn turns thirteen with one goal: to go out with the cutest boy in school, Aussie heartbreaker Andrew.

But it won’t be easy. To score a date with her dream guy, Jordyn must hone her flirting skills, battle mean girls, compete with a gorgeous French foreign exchange student, and elude Adam, the class clown, who has a massive crush on her.

Jordyn follows the advice of her boy-magnet older sister Karilyn, but most of her "foolproof" plans backfire, making Jordyn believe that her thirteenth year of life is exceptionally unlucky.

As the embarrassing moments pile up, Jordyn wonders if she might be creating her own bad luck - by not being true to herself. Can she turn her luck around? Will she win Andrew's heart?

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