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Welcome, Reluctant Stranger

Evy Journey Updated
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Welcome, Reluctant Stranger

Book information

Full Title
Welcome, Reluctant Stranger (Book 3, Between Two Worlds)
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  • eBook
  • Paperback
Rated for Readers
Rated XXX (adults of legal age, 18 and up, only)
Welcome, Reluctant Stranger

Book Description

Leilani’s mother has never set foot in her school until the day she whisks her children out of their Pacific Island country, without their father and without explanation. Eighteen years later, Leilani just wants to leave the past behind, move forward. She has settled in California and like her long-lost father, she heals people. But an assault she witnesses disturbs her tranquil existence.

A computer nerd and culinary whiz with a biting sense of humor, Justin is brokenhearted from the loss of his girlfriend of seven years. He needs to drown his sorrows, but finds more trouble than he’s looking on his way home from a bar.
Leilani, an ace with a gun, acts on instinct. She rescues him.

Weeks later, meeting at a dinner party, they find themselves attracted to each other. Fearing Justin is on the rebound, or has a rescuer complex, Leilani doesn’t want to get involved. But she cannot deny her feelings. As they begin to fall in love, her past comes back to haunt her. A friend of her father arrives with news which forces her mother to reveal a shocking, shameful secret—the role Leilani’s father played in a deadly political web.

Can Leilani deal with the truth? But hero or villain, he is her father and only she and Justin can get him out of the island she’d left long ago.

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