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Twin Dumplings

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Twin Dumplings cover feb 2014.jpg

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Full Title
Twin Dumplings
Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

Chinese orphan Jiang Mei-Li was given new parents and a new name on her eighth birthday.
Growing up in America wasn't without its struggles, and Mary soon began learning life's lessons the hard way--by living them. One mistake led to another, and each time she came out of her scrapes a little smarter. Dedicated to her education, she put heart and soul into her dream of a PhD. She decided the best course to follow was to return to her hometown in China to research how young Chinese women were faring in today's ever-changing world. Leaving everything familiar behind, she started a new life, and in the process, found one life wasn't much different from the other.
Warm and touching, and occasionally humorous, Mary Fachine's life and times fulfilled a destiny meant for her all along—the life of Jiang Mei-Li.

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