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Through The Eyes Of A Criminal

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Through The Eyes Of A Criminal

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Through The Eyes Of A Criminal
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
Through The Eyes Of A Criminal

Book Description

Dan Powers grew up the hard way. He was the youngest prisoner ever housed at the Illinois State Reformatory for Boys. It was, and is, a reform school for boys who managed to run afoul of the law. He was ten years old at the time. He learned how to fight in order to survive. He learned criminal behavior that had never occurred to him before then. He learned that he was smarter than the average boy in the joint, and even graduated from grade school at the age of eleven. He went on to graduate from high school at the age of fifteen. He was definitely not your average juvenile delinquent. He also went on to graduate from another, more vicious maximum reform school; and followed up on this with stints in Pontiac Prison, Joliet State Prison, a couple of work farms, and finally San Quentin Prison in California. All of a sudden, the crime stopped. He got married to a wonderful woman, he became a computer programming engineer, and retired when he was 55 years old. After close to 30 years without any trouble, and being a model citizen, he was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. It broke him and his wife financially, and after four years of legal hassle, the judge threw the case out because no crime had been committed. His wife eventually died due to the stress of the ordeal, and now Dan Powers was going to get his money back. He was also going to get a lot more money to finance revenge on cops, prosecutors, and others in society that would have allowed this sort of thing to happen. Dan Powers takes no prisoners in this hard hitting novel. He is vicious, cunning, and fears no thing or no person. He’s out for revenge, and that’s exactly what he will get

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