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Stark Contrasts

Peter Carroll Updated
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Stark Contrasts

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Stark Contrasts
Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

It drives you mad right? All those anti-social behaviours you endure every day in a big city - inconsideration, selfishness, low level violence, intimidation. You wish you had the nerve, the strength of character to intervene, to speak out, to do...something. Well, someone in London has had enough and they are doing something about it. Something drastic.

As punishments escalate in severity and the press make a champion of this anti-hero, Detective Inspector Adam Stark is desperately trying to make sense of what's going on. Random, unconnected victims, excessive retribution, red herrings, kidnap, mutilation, mistaken identity, gangsters, revenge and murder. Things are getting totally out of hand.

Stark needs to nail this sociopath with a social conscience, but the case might just be running away from him - heading toward a brutal and bloody conclusion.

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