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Death Command

P. Vijay Kumar Updated
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Death Command
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Death Command

Book Description

A retired ex sniper Dabwi's offered a job to assassinate, want him accused for being a true and honest soldier. And his discipline's provoked, courage's intimidate and the peaceful life's disturbed. He's threatened with a 'Double Dragon' and double crossed to accept the job.

Col. Bretkva, an ex-officer plays a ‘Double Dragon’ game and Double crosses Dabwi to get involved, be accused. So he designs a death game and pushes him to accept. Will his command obeyed or denied, well, the time has a few more, many moment’s to teach him the real life. Meanwhile, the unstoppable deaths surprise the ‘Death City.’

A young female officer Ms. Kluafray, assigned with a new task, to nail the honest soldier Dabwi. Her investigation proves life threatening and dangerous circumstances makes her job difficult and lags behind the schedule.

An inquisitive college kid's eagerness and his unprofessional attempts involves him with clues to get caught. Though, he never retreats; intriguing mystery pushes him further.

New police commissioner was posted to the notorious city the Death City, he has his plans for the culprits and to nab the city's merciless criminals. Will he perform his job?

Detective Aukj, while pursing his murder case, get entangled in the army investigation and confronts with Ms. Kluafray. And he decodes the mystery, by the serial murderer's clues, written on the bare back of a dead woman.

Well, the Crime never stop and Fiction never end.

A new concept of Crime Fiction.

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