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Dangerous Times

Phillip Frey Frey Updated
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Dangerous Times
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

DANGEROUS TIMES is a multicultural crime-thriller with the pull of the unpredictable.

Psychopath Frank Moore has a plan that will drown goodness and grace in a river of blood. He has finally found the key to its success. Frank has found his scapegoat, his look-alike, John Kirk, a close-enough double who lives in the harbor city of San Pedro.

John Kirk wants to get out of San Pedro and leave his troublesome relationships behind. His live-in sweetheart is fed-up with his station in life and has become unfaithful, his mother finds solace from the death of Kirk's father by embracing the bottle, and Kirk's boss at the auto shop is an overbearing, cheap son of a bitch.

These troubles fall by the wayside when Frank Moore comes to town. Frank has switched their identities and fingerprints in government databases, an act that will send the innocent John Kirk through 48-hours of betrayal, violence, and murder—while Frank Moore will learn the meaning of "The best laid plans…"

Phillip Frey grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where he performed as a child actor at The Cleveland Playhouse. He later moved to New York. Where he performed with Joe Papp's New York Shakespeare Festival at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. This was followed by one season at The Repertory Theater of Lincoln Center.

With a change of interest Phillip wrote, directed, and edited three short films, all of which had international showings, including the New York Film Festival.

With yet another change of interest, Phillip moved to Los Angeles where he became a produced screenwriter. Now more recently, Phillip Frey has turned to narrative fiction with the books "Dangerous Times" and "Hym and Hur," and a collection of short stories.

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