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blind murder

Stephen G COLLIER Updated
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blind murder

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Full Title
Blind Murder
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  • Hardcover
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Rated PG (not necessarily suitable for children)
blind murder

Book Description

In 1994 a woman is found stabbed to death on a Northampton Council estate by probationary constable, Jim Kingsfield - his first murder.
Eighteen years later. Detective Inspector Kingsfield, now married for Forensic Pathologist, Kirsty are unaware that he and his wife are being targeted by Bingham Tyler, who's lust for revenge will have explosive and life changing consequences for them all.
Jake Jordan is a traffic cop thrown into this revenge filled mix, putting his job to the test while his marriage falls apart.

Bingham Tyler is a psychopath
Bingham Tyler wants Jim Kingsfield dead
Bingham Tyler seems his revenge...

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