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Cate Troyer Updated
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Lady Elizabeth Beckett was raised on her father's plantations in the East Indies. Instead of being prim and proper, though, Elizabeth scratches the surface and discovers that she has hot blood and an even hotter desire for all things male. In order to being her in hand, her father arranges a marriage in England, a well made match with an Earl no less. Instead of being grateful, the young woman chafes under the bonds of propriety, until her ship is waylaid by pirates - and not just any pirates, Black John O'Flynn and the crew of the Sea Witch. Elizabeth sees a chance to escape her proper life and look like a hero at the same time, but can she handle all the sailors?

This 8300 word short story contains graphic depictions in solitary and group situations and is intended for mature audiences only!

Excerpt - One day, in the shade and flower scented air, he had bent his head to hers and kissed her, unlocking a passion she didn’t believe existed. She still remembered his strong hands curled around her upper arms, pressing her chest against his. She reached her arms around his neck, arching her back, pressing her hips against his. Even through her skirts, she could feel a thick hardness growing and pressing against her. They pulled away only for a moment, staring at each other in the dim shade before clinging to each other once more, hands pressing and pulling.

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