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Day 1

Cate Troyer Updated
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Day 1

Book information

Full Title
Day 1 (Bound to the Blind 1)
Rated for Readers
Rated XXX (adults of legal age, 18 and up, only)

Book Description

Elise Connor has always been forced to clean up her brother's messes. Now, though, he's gotten himself in hot water with dangerous millionaire James Goran and needs his baby sister to help him out one more time. In order to save their ailing father from the shock and disappointment, Elise agrees to go visit Goran and help pay off the debt. What the billionaire really wants comes as a surprise to the nubile waitress.

This 4000 word short story contains graphic depictions of spanking and a TPE relationship within BDSM.

*****“A year,” he watched me like a hawk. “For a year, you belong to me, literally. In return, I will not only erase your brother’s debt to me, but I will pay your father’s medical bills and set aside money for college for you.”

I got caught up on ‘belong,’ what did he mean by that? “What would I have to do? Sleep with you?” There were worse things, I guessed.*****

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