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KT McColl Updated
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Night was when the subconscious wandered. Sometimes it wandered into the path of a passing demon...

Britt Grayling is a 24 year old graduate student whose life, while not the stuff of legend, is comfortable and predictable. This peace comes to an end one night when she unwittingly attracts the attention of a hungry incubus. Far from being terrified, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to this mysterious creature.

Damian has been visiting sin and corruption on the unsuspecting for time immemorial, yet nothing has prepared him for his response to this woman. While Damian’s attentions awaken in Britt both dread and arousal – the two main ingredients in a demon’s sustenance – he finds himself uncharacteristically unable to feed from her. In all of his centuries, Damian has never found himself in this position.

Something is very wrong.

It soon becomes clear that their chance meeting has consequences that neither Britt nor Damian could have anticipated. As their lives quickly unravel, they come to realize that the cost of deliverance may be more than either of them are willing to pay.

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