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Dark Days

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Dark Days

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Dark Days
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Rated XXX (adults of legal age, 18 and up, only)

Book Description

Raven had clawed her way to the pinnacle of a dark underworld of hedonistic excess. But Raven is the creation of a gentler woman only seeking to protect a damaged soul. Twisted by power and position, that protection mutates into someone capable of cruelties that the innocent should not endure. Her downfall is swift, the aftermath one of pain, brutality and the destruction of a person struggling to survive first as her alter ego, then as the lost being beneath.

Hope comes from unexpected sources – from someone from her past, and from someone very much in her present. But hope is a delicate thing.

Can she win through and if she does, at what cost to those around her, those she has left behind and most of all, to herself?

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