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Truth Devour Updated
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Book information

Full Title
Unrequited (Book 2)
  • eBook
  • Paperback
Rated for Readers
Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

From the Enigma Series comes the Adult Contemporary Romantic Trilogy by author Truth Devour. The series is a chronicle written in the first person of a young girls journey into womanhood that contains indulgent light erotic descriptive and cultural based paranormal undertones.

Unrequited is the second book in the Enigma series. Staying true to the main character, Talia, as well as the ease in which the author breezes through the story, Devour gives readers more than one could imagine. This novel will have you laughing, crying, and desiring to change the world all while experiencing some hot and naughty sexual escapades.

As our favorite character, Talia, matures in book 2 (Unrequited) you cannot help but to grow with her. The author writes in a way that easily allows the reader to live vicariously through Talia as she experiences new expeditions, feeds her hunger to be a positive force, and starts her journey down a similar path her deceased parents took.

This second book in the enigma series is truly a page turner, genre redefining, and a MUST READ!

The interwoven complexities of life follow Talia Jacobs across time. In spite of the endless challenges, she leverages remarkable strength of character to pursue clear-sighted goals to achieve her dreams. Talia has been witness to more than just the mystical Seven Wonders of the World. She has swum in open oceans, hiked majestic mountains, chanted with monks, shared laughter and a meal with the poor, yet in slumber the echoes of voices calling out her name haunt her. Visions appear as a graveyard of unrequited souls left in her wake, aching for her return. What has she become? All Talia desires is wrapped up in the image of a ghost. She wants to believe he exists, her soul mate, the yin to her yang. If only she believed in fairytales.

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