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Cleopatra's Pearls

J Lee Roberts Updated
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Cleopatra's Pearls

Book information

Full Title
Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings vol.1 Cleopatra's Pearls
Rated for Readers
Rated XXX (adults of legal age, 18 and up, only)

Book Description

Forget all about your typical, damsel in distress scenario. Catalina is on the prowl. She needs no one to rescue her. No one, to steal her away from her dreary 9 to 5 job. If your looking for a sweat, soft romance to sweep you off your feet, then turn away now. Run, as fast as you can, because Catalina takes no prisoners. Well actually, that's one of her favorite hobbies.
Powerful, sexy, and strong, Catalina is the oldest living succubus on earth. She survives by seducing her prey, into giving up the one thing, she can't do with out. SEX.
An insatiable hunger, for the chemical oxytocin,(a hormone produced when aroused) drives her to corrupt and defile even the most prudish of victims. She exploits her position as a prim, shop keep to lure in sexy customers from around the globe. Always on the hunt for rare and exotic art, she uses her feminine whiles to convince unwilling collectors to part with even their most cherished pieces.
Although the realm of monsters, wants her to reclaim her rightful place on the thrown, she is having way to much fun blending into the human world. After all, humans are very easy and who doesn't love fast food.

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