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Desperately His

Lisa Forest Updated
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Desperately His

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Full Title
Desperately HIs Country Club Secrets II
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Rated for Readers
Rated XXX (adults of legal age, 18 and up, only)

Book Description

From the moment Aria discovered the truth about her husband, Dean, and the façade of the men’s cuckoldry group, she set out on a course of retribution. But when Aria met Tyrone, she recognized something in him that she desperately needed and couldn’t resist. Explosive passion and lust consumes her, but she doesn’t let that get in the way of the revenge she desires. Aria and Leigh become fast friends, and together they set a plan in motion to destroy their husbands’ reputations. Everything these frat boys had worked for would soon come crashing down. Their mistake was underestimating the women in their lives. These trophy wives would soon master a plan the TCG group would never see coming.

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