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The British Billionaire Bachelor: Act Two

Maggie Carpenter Updated
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The British Billionaire Bachelor: Act Two

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The British Billionaire Bachelor: Act Two
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
The British Billionaire Bachelor: Act Two

Book Description

SIMON SINCLAIR IS BACK…in a story of Romantic Domination that will capture your heart and stir your senses

The wealthy bachelor has brought Belle, the beautiful, young woman he met while seeking property in Beverly Hills, into his London home. Though he doesn’t hesitate when it comes to disciplining the headstrong young woman, and thrilling her with his Dominant skill, he is not accustomed to having his heart strings so sublimely pulled and Simon finds himself unnerved and slightly bewildered.

Belle’s dark cravings are finally being met and her decadent fantasies are becoming reality. Sensing his love for her, she can only pray that the long-time playboy will admit his feelings and commit to her, as she has committed in her heart to him.

But surprises lay in store for them both. They are unaware that Amaranth, Simon’s social secretary, is a jealous, unstable woman. She believes Simon belongs to her and sees Belle as nothing but an American harlot; an intruder who must be eliminated.

Adopted at birth, Simon accidentally finds startling answers to long-held questions, as the stunning truth of his heritage is revealed.

Elegant luxury, Simon’s divinely decadent dungeon, sensuous sex, bondage and spanking, highlight this ongoing saga between Simon Sinclair, a Romantic Dominant, and Belle Somers, the fledgling submissive who touched his heart.

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