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The Cowboy's Rules 4

Maggie Carpenter Updated
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The Cowboy's Rules 4

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Full Title
The Cowboy's Rules: 2 (Cowboys After Dark Book Four)
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  • eBook
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
The Cowboy's Rules 4

Book Description

Sitting on his rug in front of the fire, McTavish, Chad’s brilliant cattle dog nicknamed Mickey lifted his head and yawned.
“Yep, Mickey, she’s gonna get her butt walloped this time,” Chad declared staring over at him.
A short time later, butterflies fluttering, Cassie listened as Chad laid down the law in no uncertain terms.
“From now on the rules will be the rules, you break ‘em, you get your bottom spanked,” he exclaimed, “just the way things were when we first met, and when I say spanked, I mean spanked.”

It has been several months since Sassy Cassie, as Chad endearingly calls her, moved in with him at Horse Haven Ranch. Chad Douglas runs his ranch with a set of rules he expects everyone to follow, but after Cassie does something incredibly irresponsible he realizes he’s become far too lenient, and his love for her has caused him to let certain misdemeanors go unpunished.
Cassie receives the discipline she deserves, and while she is left with a hot, stinging bottom, laying in his arms she can feel the restlessness she had been feeling evaporating.
With a busy spring and summer ahead, Chad believes the renewal of his firm hand has curbed Cassie’s recent rebellious streak, and he can look forward to a smoother, easier time. Neither he or Cassie have any idea of the drama that is about to unfold.
The Cowboy’s Rules: 2 picks up the romantic story of the strong-willed cowboy, his recalcitrant fiancee, and their close friends, Marty and Hannah, as they find themselves caught up in an unexpected whirlwind of events.
Domestic discipline and salacious sex are at the core of this continuing saga, another Maggie Carpenter page turner that you’ll want to keep on your bedside table long after you’ve read the exciting conclusion.

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