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An Eternal Flame

Maggie Carpenter Updated
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An Eternal Flame

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An Eternal Flame
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

Eden Baxter wakes up to discover an experience she thought was real was merely a dream. Or was it?

Unsettled by the extraordinary fantasy she is determined to find out if - by same freak of nature - she really did travel back in time, and that James, the Dominant she loved more than life itself, is still trapped in another century.

But a handsome stranger swoops into her life. Through a series of mysterious coincidences she finds herself under the care of Adam Hastings, who is not only handsome, successful and charming, but a lifestyle Dominant and disciplinarian who finds himself as drawn to her as she is to him. Eden"s encounters with James may have been in a dream state, but Adam is very real and she soon finds herself over his knee, the recipient of her first ever spanking.

But that's just the beginning. Adam is an artful lover whose erotic expertise takes Eden to new heights of sexual ecstasy, combining punishment with passion, bondage and blindfolds, long interludes of teasing and tutelage, and the chemistry between them suggests more than just an mutual attraction.

Deja Vu II offers answers - and asks questions - all in the heady, steamy, sizzling, sparkling romantic story of two souls whose love transcended time.

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